About Company

With an increase importance and awareness of Occupational Health & Safety in Indonesia, the significance of using high quality lifting material for heavy duty purposes has been greatly encouraged in almost every section of industries.

PT. Supra Lifting Indonesia is a company based in Surabaya, Indonesia which supplies heavy duty lifting products and rigging equipment to the wide Indonesian market.  Our products include Chains, Hooks, Shackle, Wire Rope, Lifting Clamps, Crane Blocks, and Polyester Webbing Sling & Lashing. Our customers range widely from every industrial section requiring lifting accessories & equipment namely marine, mining, oil & gas, civil, building & construction as well as other heavy industries from all over Indonesia.

Every product supplied from PT. Supra Lifting Indonesia is ensured with its high quality and provided with certification in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the customer.


To be the market leader as a supplier and distributor of high quality lifting & rigging equipment in Indonesia by providing customer with the highest quality product and outstanding service.




We treasure and try to understand all the different needs of our clients and seek to forge a long term professional relationship with them. The satisfaction of each and every customer is our main goal and motivation in conducting our business.

2. People

We work as a team and treat each other with respect. Our solid, capable and knowledgeable team is valued as the greatest asset and an integral part of the business.

3. Product

Our products are of HIGH quality standards and always come with certificate of compliance by the manufacturers.

4. Performance

We aim to achieve high level of performance and satisfaction to both our client and people, which include delivering high quality services and treating people with integrity.


By contacting PT. Supra Lifting Indonesia, you can receive competitive price and lead time on all of our products. Our experienced technical and sales staffs are knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to help you.