Wire Rope Slings




Wire rope can be made into wire rope slings to meet the needs of any industry including Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Manufacturing. Numerous wire rope sling configurations can be made, such as single leg sling, multiple leg slings and a wide variety of end fittings.

There are different ways of securing the ends of wire ropes:

  • Hand Splice
  • Turnback Eye Mechanical Splice
  • Flemish Eye Mechanical Splice
  • Wire Rope Clamp
  • Spelter Socket
  • Swage Socket
  • Stop End

How to order wire rope slings:

  1. Define wire rope diameter / wire rope sling capacity
  2. Define number of wire rope sling leg
  3. Define wire rope end terminations
  4. Define types of eyes (Thimbe Eye or Soft Eye)
  5. Define any end fittings (Masterlink, Hook or Shackle)
  6. Define the length of the wire rope sling



Soft Eye Turnback Mechanical Splice

Thimble Eye Turnback Mechanical Splice


Flemish Eye Mechanical Splice

Closed Swage Socket


Open Spelter Socket

Closed Spelter Socket


At PT. Supra Lifting Indonesia, we can manufacture wire rope slings by fitting and pressing the specific terminations according to customer’s special needs. Please contact us at (031) 561 8613 or email us at supra.liftindo@gmail.com